ecOmega™ Fish Oil

The Story Behind the Oil

Traditions are at the heart of ecOmega™ Fish Oil, and our traditions may be traced back as far as the Vikings. By navigating and harvesting the oceans, these skillful seamen developed the practical knowledge necessary to meet many of their basic physical and nutritional needs. With experience as their guide, they recognized fatty fish meat as a key to longevity and, among other things, discovered that shark liver oil could rapidly heal a flesh wound.

While the Vikings are generally remembered as centuries old, near mythical figures, their seafaring traditions arguably launched today's marine-based nutriceutical industry. Standing on the shoulders of these giants, scientists continue to research and study the medicinal properties the ocean affords.

With eighty percent of the earth's biomass in the oceans, the opportunities for discovery are limitless. Our appreciation for this great resource guides the principles by which we process ecOmega™ Fish Oil.

Until recently, fish oil supplementation has been associated with a foul odor and poor aftertaste. There are also ongoing concerns raised by the media regarding heavy metal, PCB's, dioxin and pesticide contamination. Marine Ingredients has developed ecOmega™ Fish Oil to be synonymous with quality and purity. At the heart of this oil is a commitment to standards that are beyond cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices). With a watchful eye on raw material selection, this oil is handled, processed and encapsulated with the utmost precision.

Our raw material selection process is so rigorous that over 90% of the available material is considered unsuitable for processing as ecOmega™ Fish Oil. Once raw material has been selected, its handling is executed with extraordinary care (and speed) to prevent the oil from spoiling in the production process.